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Our World

Our fragile world is in need of help - every little effort, no matter how small, contributes to saving our planet. Our priority is to ensure our products contribute to saving our planet and providing healthy and safe cooking solutions.


The Rocket Works stove has a 97% combustion efficiency, and is thus virtually smokeless. It is safe and can be used indoors with very little ventilation. It has radically improved the lives of thousands by improving the quality of air that they breathe and provides a safe contained fire. The Rocket Works wood burning cookstove greatly reduces the quantity of wood required to cook one meal when compared to a typical traditional fire.

These stoves can have a huge impact on global sustainability by significantly reducing harmful emissions, deforestation rates and the number of cooking related deaths worldwide. The environment benefits because of the drastic reduction in wood usage but also by changing people’s habits.

The stove makes use of small sticks and twigs as fuel, rather than logs. Logs need to be chopped into small pieces; therefore people quickly learn that it is far easier to pick up small sticks or to prune the trees, stimulating growth, rather than to chop the entire tree down. Using a Rocket Works wood stove as a means of cooking is a totally sustainable practice that uses no fossil fuels. Waste wood, driftwood, wood pellets, pallets, coconut husk, dried animal dung and various other biomass fuels can also be used effectively in the stove.

Impact on the Environment

The Rocket Works stove holds an extremely unique position, whereby it actually produces carbon credits. This not only effectively eliminates the stoves own footprint but actually continues to produce credits throughout its lifecycle. The Rocket Works wood stoves each create four carbon credits per annum, meaning that each stove offsets four tons of CO2 per annum when compared to traditional cooking methods. The stove has thus successfully been implemented in various carbon credit and carbon trading projects throughout the world.
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